So…what is perkup?

PerkUp is a technology platform that allows large employers to seamlessly connect with nonprofit partners to provide a financial safety net for employees. Workers log into PerkUp’s online platform to access financial literacy and 1-on-1 financial coaching, innovative savings products, emergency cash grants and free emergency loans, all of which are made available by their employer and a collaboration of mission-aligned nonprofit partners.

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PerkUp Financial Stability

Whether your employees earn $8 an hour or $28 an hour, the cost of life’s basic necessities makes it difficult for employees to save money. And the next financial emergency is right around the corner. It’s our mission to ensure that emergency funds are available for every employee who is faced with the shock of an unexpected emergency expense. Funding for emergency expenses is linked to innovative savings programs to encourage workers to save up for the next emergency.

Employee Satisfaction

We know financial stress takes its toll on employee productivity, so we use behavioral finance techniques and incentives to engage employees and strengthen their financial health. Studies show that most workers are ill-prepared for an emergency expense, so PerkUp’s platform connects employers with mission-aligned partners to provide a financial safety net for employees (and peace of mind). The PerkUp program has proven results - reduced absenteeism, higher retention rates and overall improvement in employee wellbeing.

Financial Awareness

If your employees don’t engage in the company’s financial health program, does it even exist? (if a tree falls in the forest...). Employee engagement is the cornerstone of PerkUp’s financial health program. Employees are rewarded every month with cash and prizes for actively improving their financial health and saving money. PerkUp has accomplished monthly employee engagement rates of at least 50% with each of its corporate partners.