More than 10 years ago, we identified a problem plaguing credit unions and to solve it we started Dolphin Debit Access, a company now working with hundreds of credit unions serving millions of members.  Now, we are applying that same old school ingenuity to another new venture—PerkUp.  Using an innovative technology platform, PerkUp helps credit unions provide you with financial tools you need to make the best choices with your money.  We’ve assembled a team of technology geeks, behavioral scientists and financial education nerds all focused on how to get people to reach their financial goals while dealing with the everyday stressors known as ‘life’.

We designed PerkUp for credit unions since we know that they have a vested interest in your personal financial health. With PerkUp, you’ll have access to free financial wellness tools and the chance to earn prizes by achieving financial education milestones and improving your savings and credit behavior over time.

Why Perks? Perks work. Everyone loves to win stuff.  It’s as basic as that. “Free” is America’s favorite four letter word. Our goal at PerkUp is to give you the same adrenaline rush as scratching a lottery ticket but do it as a force for your own good– to help you save money and better your overall financial position with relevant and timely financial education that doesn’t leave you ready for a nap.

Let PerkUp guide you to achieve your financial goals.  You really are that lucky winner!

Our Guiding Principles

We believe credit unions are uniquely positioned to provide the PerkUp program, presenting you with exclusive access to responsible savings and lending products to improve your cash flow. Our innovative education and product platform including our signature PerkUp Quick loans adhere to best practice guidelines from Center for Responsible Lending, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the National Credit Union Association.

We believe every company should have their own golden rules to live by.  Here’s a look at ours:

  • Informative and entertaining are not mutually exclusive. Most financial education is stop dead boring.  If your eyes are closed, we know you are probably dozing and not comprehending.  So we keep the topics fresh, fun, and dare we say, entertaining.  You’ll  stay awake and learn a few things. Everyone wins.
  • Incentives reward positive actions. You don’t have to be a Pavlovian dog to know that we humans also respond well to positive reinforcement.   Reward positive behavior enough times and you can guess what happens—it becomes a habit that has intrinsic rewards that keep on giving. We use perks to help you save more for emergencies and increase contributions to your retirement account.
  • You own your own goals. We believe in providing education and healthy products and services that are relevant to you – whether you are buying your first car or your fifth house.  We try never to you tell you what you “should” do.
  • Plan for tomorrow while taking care of today. We provide education and reward actions during key financial decisions in your life so you can feel more confident and resilient about planning  your future life. Here’s how it works – we prompt you for feedback on what’s important to you, we provide you with relevant education and guidance and your credit union provides product and services options that make your life a bit easier. What’s not to like?
  • No band aids. We are pro-active –focused on preventive care to address root causes of poor financial behaviors before they happen.  No ouches allowed.
  • Budgeting and savings focused. If you don’t know what money is coming in and going out, it is hard to get a clear picture of the situation. We believe in budgets, simple as that.